Available boat plans (PDFs in English language):

If you want to purchase a plan contact me directly, please (info[at]hajoepitok.hu).

OZ Racer
The Cheapest Racing/Fun Sailboat

Carries 2 Adults plus gear – Racing Crew 1 Adult
2.5m Long – 7.5 sq m sail
Plans are ideal for a first time builder
85 pages with dozens of drawings and photos

PD Racer

Plan price: 32 EUR

Eureka 155 Canoe

Light on the land, Excellent distance touring boats. Simple construction

Length – 15’6″ (4.73m)
Beam – 34″ (0.86m)
Weight – 44lbs (20kg) – Gaboon (Okoume) Ply
Can be built down to weights of 34lbs (15.5kg)

Simple to Build
Great Paddling Boats
Wooden canoes half the weight of most fiberglass Canoes
Comprehensive Plan Pack with step by step instructions and many illustrations

Eureka 155

Plan price: 38 EUR

Goat Island Skiff (GIS)

An excellent sailing skiff – light, fast, pretty.
Rows and Motors and will sail rings around other character boats.

Simple to Build
Modern Performance – Sails rings around most “character boats”
Light enough to handle on land by yourself
Easy to follow plans – step by step instructions. 96 page manual.

Length – 15’6″ (4.73m)
Beam – 5ft (1.52m)
Hull Weight – 128lbs (57kg) – Gaboon (Okoume) Ply
Sail Area – Lug 105 sq ft (9.75 sq meters)


Plan price: 45 EUR

Handy Punt

Lightweight, Stable, Outboard Boat for Fishing and Exploring

Length – 11’6″ (3.11m)
Beam – 4′ 2″ (1.62m)
Weight – 100lbs (46kg) – Gaboon (Okoume) Ply Power – 6 to 15hp

Simple to Build
Built in Buoyancy tanks
Excellent Utility Boat for Caravanning.
Comprehensive Plan Pack with step by step instructions and many illustrations

Handy Punt

Plan price: 38 EUR

Quick Canoe

Simple, easy-to-build plywood canoe

Length – 4.7m (15ft 6ins)
Beam – 0.83m (33ins)
Hull Weight – 23kg (45lbs)
Draft – 0.100m, (4″)

Simple to build – can be built in 5 hours
Stable touring canoe for two persons
Comprehensive Plan Pack with step by step instructions and many illustrations

SecPerc - Quick Canoe

Plan price: 30 EUR

Quick Canoe Electric

Length – 4.6m
Beam – 1.03m
Hull Weight – 17-28 kg
Draft – 0.200m

Keeps the simplicity and low materials cost of the Quick Canoe Family. Does 5 ot 6mph with good range with a 34lb thrust Minn Kota or other electric trolling motor.
Very detailed Plans

Price plan: 30 EUR

Viola 14 – Sailing Canoe

Viola 14 Sailing Canoe boat plan is for an easy to transport and store canoe with performance and stability. Sailing Canoes are easy to transport and store but not so stable. Light Sailing dinghies have excellent performance and good stability. The Viola is a hybrid with canoe portability and dinghy performance. 75lb hull. Three rigs from modern to Balance Lug.

Plan price: 45 EUR

Taal Touring SUP – Stand Up Paddle Board

A beautiful plywood Stand Up Paddleboard designed for distance paddling. 12ft and Stable for beginners but with the low drag of a kayak/pintail type hull (see the stern photos).

Plan price: 38 EUR

OZ Goose – fast, family friendly 12 ft small boat that is about the simplest build.

The OZ Goose is a small boat that is a super easy to build, has excellent racing performance but is stable and docile enough for an instructor and two to sail with good sensitivity and speed. A plywood boat plan lighter than a Laser and a fraction of the cost.

Also visit the OZ Goose Group on Facebook

Plan price: 35 EUR

“BETH” Sailing Canoe – simple, brilliant performance – one person cartop.

A touch of the 1870’s but fast about as much fun as is possible on a plywood boat. Yawl Rig with speed – scare the Lasers at your local club. Racing dinghy experience recommended!  A small boat for amateur boat building that is light enough for one person to roofrack 70lbs hull.

Plan price: 45 EUR

Drop-in sail Rig for canoes and kayaks

Drop in sailing rig converts almost any canoe and many kayaks into a sailboat. One piece supports mast and leeboard and removes easily.

convert a canoe, kayak or small dinghy into a sailing boat. Add a sail. Turn almost any  Kayak or Canoe into an INSTANT SAILBOAT. Also some rowing dinghies that are small or narrow. 36sq ft sail.

Plan price: 30 EUR

Canoe Outriggers – Plywood, narrow hull stability. Diving, Sailing, Fishing, Snorkelling

Drop in outriggers for excellent sailing ability or a stable fishing or diving platform. No component weighs more than 10lbs. Turns any canoe, kayak or narrow dinghy into a stable sailing or diving platform.

Use a Canoe or Kayak for performance sailing or as a stable fishing platform or to make a super quick sailing multihull. If you buy the plywood boat plan for the outriggers there is a free supplement available to set it up for sailing.

Plan price: 25 EUR



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